Success Together

Alex Grove Fitness 

With over a decade of experience and dozens of certifications under his belt, Alex is our most senior collaborative trainer. He offers a wide range of Functional Movement Techniques from his RockTape Master Certifications as well as fitness and nutrition coaching.

Primal Progressions

A legendary athlete and record setting soccer player, Sam knows how to get the best out of everyone. She offers RockTape services and fitness services both onsite and in-home.

Healing Art Society

Through art, movement and energy Emily provides unique body weight classes for strength, endurance and mobility.

Buxton ATC

A unique collaboration with Buxton's Wrestling School allows us to offer all our personal training, classes and RockTape services at their location in Randolph NJ and at their tournaments. If Randolph is a better location for you, simply inquire about our hours offered.

Bentley Assisted Living

Fitness is for all ages and this is especially true with our collaboration with Bentley. ExerVolve Trainers are on site weekly for group fitness classes and functional strength building for more independence and increased cognitive function. We offer classes to general population and specialized neurological fitness classes for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's.

Are you a trainer that wants to rent gym space?

Gym Share

There are many great trainers working with clients in the worst of gyms or in the worst environments for the individual vision of said trainers. That is why ExerVolve offers gym share options to fitness professionals for either hourly or monthly rates. Becoming a part of the ExerVolve Gym Share means more than just 24/7 access to a personal trainer's paradise. It means you'll have access to business development coaching, website design and content creation consulting and inclusion in all our advertising. With ExerVolve, the portion of your hourly rate that goes to the gym, really goes to building your own business with the help of our experts.

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